PANFeed - PANFeed is the main output of the CampusROAR project. It is a web service for building custom feeds based on your keywords. The feeds are optimized for use with personalised magazine readers like Flipboard and Pulse.

PANFeed Source - As well as the service you can also download and reuse the source code and set up your own PANFeed if you want to. Bear in mind we consider to be the definitative latest version of the code. Some times the source code is a bit behind the current version (we are working on sorting this).

EPrints Publisher RSS - As part of our mission or enrich scholarlly news we made an EPrints plugin which gives you a nice rich RSS feed for your EPrints repository and a way to create a feed of featured articles. Of course the feeds are suitable for personalised magazine readers :-). You can see the code in action on our research repository You can install it from the EPrints Bazaar on any EPrints 3.3+ installation or if you are just curious you can look at the plugin at